Play Gladiator Jackpot Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

You are the most powerful and well respected general in ancient Rome. The people love you and the Emperor, himself, has declared that you are to inherit his house and title. It seems like you’ve got it made, that is, until the Emperor’s actual son gets the news, totally flips and destroys everything you have lived for because, well, everything can change with a spin of the wheels of fate. You are Maximus and have stepped into the Gladiator Jackpot at Mansion Casino Australia! This game is based on the epic adventure that follows Maximus as he plummets from the pinnacle of prestige to the depths of despair, but don’t worry, our hero has a plan for regaining his status and stature, and so can you. Just spin the reels on this slot to hit the bonuses and win major cash prizes!

Play Gladiator Jackpot Online Pokies

Gladiator Jackpot Winning Symbols

No gladiator would ever have stepped into the arena without some serious practice and training and we think you should try this pokies online game in practice mode first to get comfortable with the symbols and bonus rounds. In this amazing five reel adventure game you can play up to 25 paylines to get the best possible chance of matching symbols on each spin. Gladiator Jackpot is even a progressive jackpot game, so when it comes to winning, the sky is the limit! The symbols are 9, 10, J, K, Q and A along with plenty of characters from the movie. If you can line up five pictures of Commodus, you will win 5,000 times your line bet! You will also see the tools of the trade and the familiar surroundings for any gladiator; helmets, armor clad opponents and the Coliseum. Three pictures of the Coliseum will start the Coliseum Bonus round and three helmets on reels two, three and four will start the Gladiator Jackpot bonus. Either one will get you closer to your goal of cleaning up in the arena and regaining your freedom and riches.

Gladiator Jackpot At Mansion Casino Australia

The graphics in this game will make you feel like you are right there in the arena with the sun beating down on you and the sand under your feet. As you spin the reels, you can almost hear the roar of the crowd and when you line up a few of the character symbols, you will even be treated to short clips from the blockbuster, Hollywood movie. Gladiator Jackpot, available at our Australian casino online, truly captures the excitement of the Coliseum and lets you help Maximus, and yourself, win big while having a great time!