Play Goblin’s Cave Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

Goblins are odd, little fantasy creatures with varying temperaments and dispositions depending on the stories they appear in. They are known to be extremely mischievous and highly annoying little fellows with big ears, sharp teeth and very long fingers and toes. A few of the things that always seem to come through in any story they may appear in, is their intelligence, their love of money and all things shiny, and their inherent knack for all sorts of gadgetry. They live for making ridiculously complicated machines that accomplish simple tasks and that trait certainly comes through in Goblin’s Cave, brought to you by Mansion Casino Australia!

Play Goblin’s Cave Online Pokies

How To Play Goblin’s Cave

This is not your average three reel, online pokies game; that would never work for our creepy, little creatures. This game is a multi-spin slot with a hold feature for each reel. To play Goblin’s Cave at this awesome Australian online casino, you first choose the amount of your bet. Since this game allows you to choose as little as a penny per line and as much as five dollars each, anyone should feel comfortable challenging the goblin to a spin on his reels. Once you have chosen a bet, hit the spin button and watch the goblin crank the handle and set the wheels and cogs to turning. At first, the bottom line will show three of the game symbols at random. You will see rings, crowns, gold coins and even a few special symbols like the wild ruby which can stand in for regular symbols and the goblin’s lantern which will open a bonus game if you hit three on a payline. Once the initial spin reveals three symbols, you can choose to hold one, two or all three of them and then complete the spin. Should you be lucky enough to make it into the Goblin’s Cave using his special lantern, you will be able to choose one of his treasure chests for extra payouts!

Winning With Goblin’s Cave

If this is your first experience with a multi-spin slot game, you will probably want to run through it in practice mode to begin with, for a while. There may only be three paylines, but the hold function after the first spin will increase your chances at completing a row. Then, once you are confident you have the hang of it, open your real money account at Mansion Casino Australia and try to clean out the Goblin’s Cave! No matter what you think of goblins right now, this little guy will definitely start to grow on you as the cash starts to add up.