Play Highway Kings Pro Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

If you had fun with the original, then you will really get a rise out of the new Highway Kings Pro Pokies! More action, more payouts and more truckin’ are chocked into this version, so you can bet you are going to have a bang up time when you play online pokies like these. Put the pedal to the metal, and let’s get started now!

Play Highway Kings Pro Online Pokies

As you might have guessed, Highway Kings Pro Pokies have plenty of truck references, in fact, it’s nearly bursting at the seams with them. There are old fashion gasoline tanks, some 18-wheelers, and all the parts that you’d need for a smooth trip out on the open highway, fuzzy dice and specialty caps included! Something that you might not notice about this version is that the payouts work both left and right, so you are going to be earning more cash than you thought you could with other casinos online.

Symbols to Find on The Highway Kings Pro Pokies

Now the specialty symbols are similar, but they’ve got the new, more advanced flair to them. The trucker in question has got his wild flames painting the side of this wild symbol, and he’ll give any dead combination a jumpstart so long as it’s not the scatter or bonus combos. The new and improved scatter symbol is the same sweet little lady as before, but she’s feistier than ever in her red ten-gallon hat and bandana as well. What trucking option would be complete without the black and white checkered flag to tell everyone that all systems are go? The bonus symbol is that flag, and you want it to appear on the first and fifth reel because the Truck Racing bonus round will start when it does.

The Truck Racing Bonus on Highway Kings Pro Pokies

What’s that you hear about a bonus feature? That’s right, the Truck Racing bonus round is a trucker’s dream, and now you can be the leader of the race. Start by selecting the truck of your choice. They’re all great, but you might have a favourite colour that just jumps out at you. Now you want to race your truck down the highway for the multiplier of your dreams. Once the race finishes, you get to collect on your free spins. When you get the flag symbol on the first and fifth reels again, you’ll haul in another 20 freebies for your trouble, and the multiplier will continue throughout. There is never a dull moment around these parts, so sign up for an account with us today. Then you can play casino games online until the sun comes up!