Play Highway Kings Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

Getting out on the open road can be so relaxing and at times even exciting, and if that’s what your job revolves around, then you’re luckier than most. If, however, your day to day is more about being cooped up within the four walls of your office, your home or anywhere else, then that open road is just a pipe dream. Well that’s where you’re wrong. Now you can also enjoy the wide open spaces ahead of you from the cab of a big rig when playing Highway Kings pokies online and take control of the road you wish you were on.

Play Highway Kings Online Pokies

Highway Kings Winning Symbols

With five reels and nine paylines, you’ll have plenty of winning opportunities with Highway Kings, but let’s make sure you understand the best payouts available before you get started. In any case, even if you do understand the concept of the game, it may pay to start out in our free play option so that you’re not risking any of your hard earned dough before you have gotten the hang of things, entirely.

Now, back to the winnings, because really, what else are you here for? The wild symbol in this game, which is played by the big, red truck, will not only take the place of other symbols to help you with winning sets but when that happens, that winning combo will get a double payout! And there is also a scatter symbol, which in this game is the muffler and getting three or more of these on the reels will net you awesome free spins.

Aside from these winning symbols, keep an eye out for the other theme relevant symbols that you’ll come across that will help you take home some great cash prizes like colourful trucks in yellow or green, accessories like spark plugs, petrol cans, pumps, pistons and so much more.

Highway Kings Jackpot Prize

If those winning opportunities detailed above weren’t enough for you, then we’ve got one more big one for you to look out for in Highway Kings. Remember those red trucks we told you about before? Well, if five of them show up after one spin you will win the big jackpot of 10,000 coins! Our Australian online casino wants nothing more than to help you win big again and again, so come on down to Mansion Casino Australia and spin to win!