Irish Luck Pokies

Play Irish Luck Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

For those among you who like to surround yourselves with lucky symbols, Irish Luck at Mansion Casino Australia is the perfect multi line pokies online game. The symbols of luck which make an appearance are a Horseshoe, Claddagh Ring, Shamrock, Celtic Knot and Harp. The high value card symbols which range from Ace to 9 have all been made to look like shamrocks and the jackpot takes the form of a Gold Pot.

Play Irish Luck Online Pokies

How it Works

You will find 30 lines in the game and you can wager up to 10 coins per line. Both the total amount bet and the line bet are shown on the screen when the player makes his or her selections. This is a useful way for the player to keep sight of how much is being wagered.

The wild symbol of the game is Lady Shamrock. She can appear on any of the reels and can be a substitute for all of the regular symbols. The wild symbol cannot take the place of the scatter symbol. Lady Shamrock doubles the payouts and when five symbols appear on an activated line, the jackpot is 10,000 Dollars.

The scatter symbol is a Gold Pot. If more than two of these symbols make an appearance at the reels, it leads to scatter pay outs. More than 3 can trigger a Bonus Game.

Other Features

The Gold Pots Bonus Game gives Aussie players a chance to use a minimum number of eight free spins, with twice the amount of winnings. Players can choose to play their bonus game on another screen to enhance this. You can do this by choosing 2 of 5 Gold Pots. With this, the player has the chance to play as many as 33 free spins with a multiplier of up till 15. These bonus spins can be repeatedly activated and the multiplier remains unchanged for all the bonus spins.

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