Play John Wayne Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

Howdy partner, and welcome to the best casino online you are ever going to find. We have the widest variety of excitement-filled gambling entertainment anywhere, and we know you are just going to love this next version. If you like westerns, cowboys and shootouts, then you are going to swoon for the classic flavour of our John Wayne pokies. They’ve got everything a good old-fashion cowboy film could ask for, so rustle up some grub, and mosey on down to the old corral for a thigh-slapping good time with us!

Play John Wayne Online Pokies

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the John Wayne pokies features that dreamy hero of the old west in all his cowboy glory. Some people call him the Duke or the Sheriff, while others just say Sir, but you’ll be calling him your lucky charm when you start raking in the dough as you play these online pokies machines time and time again.

John Wayne Pokies Standard Reel Icons

The John Wayne pokies has a lot of characteristic pieces you can appreciate if you are a fan of the actor. There is the significant red kerchief, boots with spurs, and the distinctive cowboy hat he always wore. There are also several headshots of the handsome cowboy to enjoy while you spin the reels. Play the Dukes Badge feature when you get three or more of those symbols on the reels. A number of badges will stand out against the dimmed out screen. You can pick whichever one you want, and you’ll keep the prize value that is revealed. Three badges will give you between four and eight times your total wager, four will award 20-30 times the wager and five will reel in 80-120 times.

John Wayne Pokies Ranch Bonus

Of course, the John Wayne’s Ranch bonus level is hands down, the greatest shooting practice you’ve had in years. There are a whole bunch of tin cans lined up, and they are just waitin’ for you to come and shoot them down. Each one holds a prize of its own, and every time you hit one, you get to keep the prize inside. There are a lot of different types of prizes like more free spins, multipliers, mystery extra wilds, mystery extra scatter, more bullets, and free games re-trigger features. In short, whatever you walk away with is sure to be exciting! Once you’ve signed up with our club, you can play casino games online whenever you want, so let’s get a move on!