Play Kong The Eighth Wonder of the World Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

All casino games from Playtech have a great design, but not all of them are made with as much animation and action as the Kong The Eighth Wonder of the World pokies were. These rounds pack a tremendous punch in the entertainment department, and the payouts are not too shabby either. There is an exciting trailer, intro that ushers in the actual Kong The Eighth Wonder of the World pokies, and whether you have seen the movie or not, it is worth watching this clip. It sets the tone nicely and will really get you in the mood of these reels.

Play Kong The Eighth Wonder of the World Online Pokies

Kong The Eighth Wonder of the World Pokies Specs

Once inside, you will instantly feel the vibes of these online pokies at Mansion Casino screaming out at you. The reels are covered in strangling vines, the background is covered from corner to corner in jungle greenery, and all of the reel icons support the premise magically. There are several characters from the movie, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you ought to. You will really enjoy the extra novelty of these reels much more once you have. There are also dinosaur symbols and the royal suite with vines and scratch marks decorating them. Now for the really fun twist. This version is played out on two different stages. The first is the standard jungle mode, but the second is called Big City mode, and it’s got even more action than before! Come on, admit it, we’re the best casino online there is!

Kong The Eighth Wonder of the World Pokies Skull Island & Big City Bonuses

The bonus level for the Jungle mode is the Skull Island bonus round. Get three of the Kong The Eighth Wonder of the World pokies icons anywhere on the screen, and this bonus will appear. You’ll be brought to an eerie screen where you will have to pick out three of the same creature to collect your prize. Each wild life has its own prize value, but everyone will reward you with something. Naturally, if you find the gorilla himself, you’ll get a mammoth prize as well.

The bonus level for the Big City mode is activated when three or more gorilla icons show up. You’ll get three spins to play with, and during each one, two or three reels will remain entirely made up of wilds. The first round gives you the first and fifth reels. The second round gives you reels two and four. The third round is really exciting because you get all the odd number reels! It’s an adventure, so grab your cap and good luck!