Play Little Britain Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

Mansion Casino casino online has a lot of entertaining options for you to choose from. Few, however, will put you in stitches the way that our Little Britain pokies can! If you are familiar with the show, then you already know just how funny these guys can be, and if you aren’t, then you are certainly in for a real treat today. Visit all of your favourite characters from the show, and watch them in their natural settings for a good laugh or two. Who knows, you might even win some cash while you are at it!

Play Little Britain Online Pokies

Little Britain Pokies Anne’s Wild Modifier

The cast and crew have come together for a set up that is quite a riot. Each character that shows up on the reels has a unique personality that will capture your smile without a doubt. Half of the fun that comes from spinning these reels is watching the antics that come along with them. Just to throw even more gas on the fire, Anne’s Wild modifier is up at bat. Randomly throughout your main online pokies games, you’ll see Anne waltzing across the screen. What’s she doing there? Throwing wild power onto your reels, that’s what! Each symbol that is touched during this feature will suddenly turn into a wild, and the combinations on the screen will become activated according to regular wild payouts!

Little Britain Pokies Five Bonus Blowouts!

There is also a Little Britain pokies bonus feature. Whenever you get the bonus symbol simultaneously on reels one, three and five, you’ll get this feature loaded up on the screen. A wheel will appear with all of the five possible bonus rounds that can be played out. Spin the wheel to find out which one you’ll be enjoying today. You can possibly get a round with Vicky Pollard, Lou and Andy, Emily Howar, Dafydd or Marjorie Dawes. Each character has a humorous feature for you to play through, and the laughs don’t stop just because the reels have! You are sure to be bursting at the seams from these hilarious clips. Enjoy levels that include helping Vicky make some “important” life decisions, choose from different gift ideas for Lou to buy Andy, weighing Marjorie’s next meal options, hand-selecting a spectacular wardrobe choice for Dafydd and sorting through feminine products for Emily Howard to make use of. There is no telling what might happen when you play casino games online with us, so kick start your weekend the best way possible with some fun and frivolous Little Britain pokies today!