Play Lucky Panda Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

What’s black and white and adorable all over? It might be our Lucky Panda pokies, but watch out because this bear has got a few tricks up his sleeves (well metaphorically speaking of course!) Filled with the flavour and atmosphere of a quaint Chinese village, you are going to love the colours, the style and the payouts that fill these reels. If you are in the mood of a quick trip to the orient that won’t cost you a dime in airfare, then check out these online pokies today!

Play Lucky Panda Online Pokies

Lucky Panda Pokies Gratis Spins Galore!

The Lucky Panda pokies reels are full of fun aspects for you to enjoy. Find tigers, red pandas and wily snakes all about the screen. The playful patty-paddling beat is not just a cute face to look at. In fact, if you can find three of these symbols in one round, you will get 15 free spins! During these rounds, you will also receive double value for all wins that you accrue, and you can always score more freebies with every spin. You have the ability to score up to 210 gratis spins, so you can practically play all night long without spending a thing! The Lucky Panda pokies symbol is a wild symbol, but this auspicious icon is only going to appear on the three middle reels, so keep your fingers crossed.

Lucky Panda Pokies Unique Features

There is a really neat feature that you will not find in other casino games of this sort. It is called the Second Chance Scatter, and it is activated when you receive two scatter symbols in one round. When this happens, you’ll be awarded a free spin to try to get a third panda. In the meantime, the two reels that had the scatter symbols on them last round will stay frozen. The idea is to give you a second shot at gaining access to the freebie round that is only activated when you have three scatter symbols or more. It’s a really great feature that shows even computer entertainment designers have heart!

Since we’re the best casino online ever, we are constantly looking for ways to make things even more exciting, and the All Ways wager is a great one. This feature lets you place a bet on between one and five reels and incorporates wins in all directions instead of the usual left to right standards. There are a possible 1024 different winning combinations available when you play the highest value, so you are talking about some major scoring here!