Play Classic Online Pokies

For some of us, nothing is as satisfying as sticking to tradition. This also applies to gaming preferences and is the reason why some favour classic single line online pokies. Offering a single line and three reels, Mansion Casino Australia's Classic Slots is a typical single line slots game much like Reel Classic 3 and Crazy 7.

Part of its appeal is its traditional fruit symbols - Grape, Orange, Cherry and Lemon. These are much like the original 'fruit machine'. Many people also enjoy the game because, unlike other more sophisticated slot games, the game doesn't include scatter symbols, bonus features and wild symbols. For a dose of the traditional, try out the classic slots games at Mansion Casino Australia.

Betting at Classic Slots

Betting options on Classic Slots is another aspect which sets it apart from other slot games. Instead of a wide range of coin denominations, Classic Slots only accepts $0.02. Both Bet One and Bet Max options have also been removed. There is, however, a spin button. Before spinning, you must ensure that the bets for the symbols are set. It is important place bets on all the symbols. There are only eight symbols and the most you can bet is $0.16.

Classic Slots Pay out

The Jackpot symbol at Classic Slots is the Crown. This symbol offers the players a payout of 100 coins, the highest in the game. The value of the coins is approximately $2.00. If three identical symbols appear on the pay line, winning combinations can be formed. Other than the crown symbol, the cherry symbol also results in a payout. This occurs if 1-2 cherry symbols appear on the line. The pay table is displayed on the screen and it is easy to determine how much a combination is worth.

Try out Classic Slots and more games in the same genre at casino online Mansion Casino Australia.