Play Marilyn Monroe Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

She made the world laugh, cry and, more often than not, blush from head to toe with all of her entertaining antics. What’s more, her vivacious nature and bold personality assured that the blonde bombshell would live on in our memories long after her beautiful body was gone. In keeping with this irresistible charm, we present to you the exciting Marilyn Monroe pokies. With all the glitz and glamour that this adored figure held, you can enjoy every minute of these online pokies at Mansion Casino today.

Play Marilyn Monroe Online Pokies

Marilyn Monroe Pokies – Reel Icons to Die For

The reel images on the Marilyn Monroe pokies are just what you would hope and expect them to be; close up shots of the smooth-skinned hottie everyone loved and admired. Whether it’s Ms. Monroe in her racy red dress or looking coy in her not-so angelic white strapless, you are not going to get bored of these reels any time soon! There are a few other symbols that round out the set nicely. Things like her star from Hollywood squares, old style movie cameras and film or the magazines that featured this fine figured woman will constantly be appearing, so enjoy the trip down memory lane. The specialty icons at our casino online Australia also have a few exciting features to offer. A smiling Marilyn will give you some help forming winning combinations as the wild symbol for this version. This lovely icon is also, fittingly, stacked on all the reels, and she’ll pay out double whenever you include her in a winning match. Each time the wild is stacked, an animation with that specific image will play out. For example, watch as the star of our Marilyn Monroe pokies stands in a revealing pose while her skirt billows out in the wind!

Go Backstage With Marilyn Monroe Pokies

It’s everyone’s dream, to go backstage with their favourite Hollywood personalities. Well, now you can do just that with the Backstage Bonus round, and you won’t regret a minute of it. Start the round off with ten free spins, and double points value. Then you can choose from different snap shots of the superstar to get even more spins or multipliers. During the rounds, you have the potential to score more freebies. Just three neon sign symbols will give you 35 more spins totally free! And this can go on forever, so you can play casino games online all night long completely on the house! There is no telling what you might win when you start in with this star of the screen, so take your chances with the foxy Marilyn Monroe pokies now!