Play Mr. Cashback Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

With a name like Mr. Cashback, there is no question what expectations players have of this game and the most exciting thing about that is that their expectations are completely accurate. This game is all about giving money back to the player and with all of the symbols revolving around money, as well, you’ll be walking away with dollar signs in your eyes.

Play Mr. Cashback Online Pokies

How To Play Mr. Cashback And Win

In most games we start with a very detailed explanation of how to play, assuming that we are talking to pokies online novices. At this point we are going to assume that you know all you need to know about how to play multiline games in general, and that any information that would be helpful would be very game specific. And if you are still unsure about whether you’re ready to be a Mr. Cashback winner, just start out playing a few spins in free play more so that you can get a feel for things and then jump right in with your real money account.

With symbols following the game theme like stacks of dollar bills, piggy banks, rich moguls and piles of gold, it’s no wonder you’ll be playing with gold on the brain. So let’s get down to brass tacks. The first symbol you want to see on the reels is the logo of the game itself because three of those at a time will net you 12 free spins with a 2x multiplier. Then, the man himself, Mr. Cashback is the wild that can take the place of other symbols (aside from the scatter) to help you with more winning sets.

The Exciting Mr. Cashback Feature

Did you think that was all? If so you probably still don’t even understand why this game is called what it is. There is still one more incredible feature that remains to be discussed and which will absolutely floor you. Are you ready? Ok, here goes. On any payline that hasn’t paid out in 50 spins, you will automatically walk away with 50 times the bet on that line. Seriously, no joke! Mansion Casino Australia is just giving money away in this game and if that’s not the kind of Australian online casino you want to play for, you might just be crazy. So get on over here and start spinning those winning reels!