Play Neptune’s Kingdom Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

Have you been playing the pokies just waiting for your ship to come in? Well, we may know who is holding it up. You are probably familiar with this gent who wields a wicked weapon in the form of a trident and rules the sea. That’s right; you have drifted into Neptune’s Kingdom at Mansion Casino Australia! You’ll have to appease this dower deity if you want to make it out alive, bring your ship to shore and land your cargo of cash! There’s no question that this is an exciting game to pass the time, so get to it and keep reading.

Play Neptune’s Kingdom Online Pokies

Neptune’s Kingdom Betting Options

This is a three reel, five payline option offered in our list of pokies online for the beginner and expert player, alike. With a low bet of just a nickel (a penny per line) and a high bet of $25 ($5 per line), Neptune’s Kingdom is a great game for the penny player or the serious, high roller. And, if you’re not sure if you’re ready to be a high roller yet, start this game out in free mode to make sure you’ve understood all the ins and outs before betting any of your own cash. This game allows you to choose any number of paylines, from one to five, and you can increase or decrease your per-line bet from one penny to five dollars in between every spin. The symbols to watch for should keep this Roman god of the sea busy and in a good mood since there are fish, lobsters, a trident and a lovely mermaid. And, if you are lucky, you will even see a treasure chest which can increase your winnings by up to 150 times, if you can line up three in a row, depending on the line!

Why Should You Play Neptune’s Kingdom

The ancient Romans truly believed that this god ruled all bodies of fresh water and the sea. Any ship leaving port was at his whim so sacrifices were the order of the day. In Neptune’s Kingdom you won’t have to slaughter a bull to play, though, just head on over to Mansion Casino Australia, the best Australian online casino, and start spinning the reels. The graphics in this game are playful and fun to watch as they go spinning by and you can even hear the roar of the waves as they churn the symbols around and around (if you close your eyes, you’d almost think you were at the shore with your feet getting lapped at by the waves). You shouldn’t still be reading this, you should be playing Neptune’s Kingdom and guiding your winnings back to home port!