Play Ocean Princess Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

Engage yourself into an underwater adventure among the sea creatures where you can take a dive deep into the ocean and become friendly with the starfish, seahorses and crabs. Familiarize yourself with the Crown of the ocean in order to win big prizes and enjoy the mesmerizing illustrations and animation, as well as mind blowing sound effects. This online pokies online slots game, Ocean Princess, ranks high like other multi-spin games such as Ugga Bugga and Tropic Reels, so try your luck and get as many winning combinations as possible.

Play Ocean Princess Online Pokies

Play Ocean Princess

This magical online slots game is unique with its three reels and five paylines. Instead of having the usual three or four rows, Ocean Princess has five rows setting up your chances for winning more money. There are hidden treasures to be found among the sea creatures and the value of the coins can range between $0.01 and $5.00. The bets need to be made per payline and once you’ve set that up, you spin in order to begin. The first line alone will be randomly set for you and for any winning combination in the five lines, you will be rewarded. The other option is to go for the Max Bet option for the greatest chance at big winnings. Although there is no bonus round, being a multi-spin game you can hold down a single line while hitting spin again. You will then have one line already frozen allowing you to have some control over the reels before the spinning actually stops. The crown is the jewel of the ocean in the Ocean Princess slots game and it is the wild card that can substitute for any other symbol, resulting in a winning combination. Additionally, if you get three crowns you will be rewarded with the largest jackpot of 1,000 coins! But, keep in mind, this can only be done by using the Max Bet option. The great setup of this game allows you to maximize your winning opportunities and will have you keep coming back for more.

Other Symbols In Ocean Princess

There are other symbols apart from the wild crown and they also follow the underwater theme world and include crabs, anchors, seahorses and star fish. The symbols are also colour coded, with the coding representing the value of the symbol. The ranking is as follows from highest to lowest: stars, crabs, seahorses and anchors and the turtle symbol comes in as the lowest ranking symbol. So, now that you know what symbols to look for and how to win the big jackpot, come on in to Mansion Casino, your favourite Australian casino online, and start spinning!