Play Piggies And The Wolf Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

Once upon a time there were three little piglets who went out into the world to make something of themselves. Each one had a unique character and set about establishing his freedom in his own way. The first one set up a house of straw, the ideal vacation shack and bachelor pad. The second used a bit more forethought and used wooden sticks to build his home. Finally, the third piglet who has obviously inherited the bulk of the brain genes, built a solid home of bricks. Want to know what happened to these little oinkers when the big bad wolf came along? Find out that and then find your fortune when you play the Piggies and the Wolf pokies at our chain of casinos online now!

Play Piggies And The Wolf Online Pokies

Piggies And The Wolf Pokies Themed Features

The Piggies and the Wolf pokies is a pleasant version of this children’s tale, and it’s got lots of whimsical features that fit nicely into the theme. The reels are played out against the wooden house built by the second brother, and the specialty features keep the fun alive. For example, the logo plaque found on reels one, three and five will trigger 15 free spins. In the midst of these complimentary rounds, whenever the wolf appears next to one of the pigs, it will activate a Pigs Running Wild stage. In this round, the wolf will chase the pigs across the screen, and he’ll leave wild symbols in his wake, so making more combinations is a snap.

Well, just like the story says, the big bad wolf came and Huffed and Puffed and blew the first two houses down. He couldn’t get through the third house, and he won’t be able to get through this bonus feature either. When the big bad symbol appears stacked all along the fifth reel, the Huff N’ Puff bonus appears. This bad boy on a Harley is going to blow down all of the icons on the screen. When they resettle, any new winning combos will be added to your score! Watch him peel across the screen of these pokies online machines for some fun action.

Piggies And The Wolf Pokies Blow the House Down Bonus

There is even a Blow the House Down bonus round. When that bonus symbol appears on the odd numbered reels, you have a chance to blow down the piggies’ houses. If you manage the job, then you’ll receive a heap of cash for your very own! It’s always a riot when you play the Piggies and the Wolf pokies, so join the club today, and then get ready to play some of the most exciting casino games online for fun or profit!