Reel Classic 5 Pokies

Play Reel Classic 5 Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

If old school Las Vegas is your thing, then you are going to flip over Reel Classic 5. This pokies version has got it all; a traditional style reminiscent of the classics and a luxury theme complete with bottles of bubbly and Rolls Royce dreams.

Five reels keep the action spinning in this pokies online treat. And five paylines give you plenty of room to make the winning combination necessary to seriously improve your bankroll. Reel Classic 5 doesn’t waste your time looking for special bonuses and features, this is a traditional pokies game at its best. Your goal is to score winning combinations while placing your bets on the paylines.

Play Reel Classic 5 Online Pokies

No Wild and No Scatters in Reel Classic 5

The symbols you will see in Reel Classic 5 are iconic reminders of the Las Vegas gaming experience. When three, four or five of a kind land on the reels the payouts can begin. The lowest payouts come with the Poker Hand symbols, you can earn between five to forty coins. The Dice symbol pays from ten to one hundred coins. A payout of ten to two hundred coins can be expected with the Roulette Wheel, while the Poker Chips offer a twenty five to four hundred coin payout. The largest payout of all follows the Gold Bars’ appearance on the reels and five Gold Bars in a row offers a payout of two thousand coins!

Leave the wild symbols and scatter symbols for the other games. The straightforward playing style of Reel Classic 5 is the pokies version for anyone who wants an authentic taste of Vegas and real pokies enjoyment, whether you’re a new player or a long time enthusiast. With over fifteen different winning combinations the earning potential is fierce. And since this is a multi-line slot machine remember, the more paylines you activate the more you increase your winning potential.

Reel Classic 5 Brings Back the Vegas Vibe

So harken back to the days of spinning reels, flashing lights, and lady luck. Place your bets and let the reels do their thing. In a fast paced world where everyone is trying to outdo one another with the newest gadget it’s easy to forget about time-honoured classics. There’s a reason everyone loves old school Vegas, and this pokies game gives us a bit of that magic.

In the Australian online casino scene Mansion Casino is far and away the one to beat. With games like these and serious cash jackpots you don’t need to look any further. Get those reels spinning today!