Play Rock’n’Roller Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

This groovy three-reeled, five-payline pokies version will take you back to the days of drive-ins, milk shakes and sock-hops. The traditionally styled Rock’n’Roller is packed full of cool symbols reminiscent of the 50’s, fun graphics and music everybody loves.

Play Rock’n’Roller Online Pokies

When you see the screen you will immediately be reminded of an old 1950’s jukebox packed full of vinyl records waiting to be selected. These reels are filled with all the symbols of the greatest musical era. The electric guitar rocks the screen, while the drums, a harmonica, plus gold and silver records are the symbols you will find spinning through the reels of this pokies online delight.

Get Those Rock’n’Roller Silver Records

The Silver Record icon is the special symbol in Rock’n’Roller. So pay attention, because when three Silver Records appear in a row you win. In other games certain combinations only pay out on specific paylines, that’s what makes the Silver Record so special, it pays out on every payline. Although the prize does vary depending on which payline the Silver Record trio appears, each payline does offer a reward.

Rock’n’Roller is a pokies version with a promising payout schedule, which is great for any new player and a favourite of returning players alike. In order to really benefit from the awesome jackpots and special symbol combinations it helps to understand that winning is really at your fingertips. So you can always decide to stick with the “bet one” option or you can choose to “bet max” and maximise your winning potential. It’s up to you. With no unnecessary bonus rounds or wild symbols to search for, you can simply place your bets, open the paylines you wish to play and spin the reels. The more paylines you choose to open, the better your chances of winning will be since you can only win if a combination lands on a payline you are currently playing.

Rock’n’Roller Pays Big

The true bonus in this slot machine is having the luxury to sit back and spin the reels while listening to some of the best music ever created. And there is nothing better than winning cash prizes while enjoying great tunes. This game has got it all; a classic styled pokies version blended with the sounds which defined a musical era available from the comfort of home.

Mansion Casino shows us once again that it is the premier Australian online casino by bringing great pokies like Rock’n’Roller and so many more. When you join, you’ll not only become a part of this magical era, but you’ll also fatten up your bankroll with a tasty welcome bonus.