Play Silver Bullet Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

Silver Bullet is the five reeled, nine payline Wild West themed pokies game packed full of winning combinations for the cowboy in you. Not only will you find the fun wild symbols and scatter symbols on the reels of this pokies online adventure, you also will have the option to enjoy the Dollar Ball Progressive Jackpot side game.

Play Silver Bullet Online Pokies

Once you step into this Wild West town you know who is in charge, and it’s the Sheriff. The Sheriff Badge icon on the reels is the Wild symbol, and he’s the key to growing your jackpot and increasing the number of winning combinations you can make. And in this town the Sheriff’s badge can even stand in for the Scatter symbol.

The Colt Revolver is the Scatter symbol. And just like the name ‘Scatter’ symbol suggests, you will find this symbol scattered across the reels to help you build on your total winnings. When you find two or more Colt Revolver Scatter symbols appearing from left to right across the reels it does not even matter which payline they are on. You win!

Silver Bullet has Classic Western Symbols

In addition to the Sheriff’s Badge Wild symbol and the Colt Revolver Scatter symbol you will see that the rest of the Silver Bullet symbols are consistent with the Wild West theme. The ubiquitous Horseshoe will bring you good luck when the right combinations appear. So will the Liquor Jug, the Barrels, Wagon Wheels, Exploding Bombs and Stack of Cash.

These reels packed with Western symbols and Frontier know-how offer a maximum payout of 10,000 coins so it pays to explore your betting options. With close to forty different winning combinations consider playing all the paylines at once to maximise your winning opportunity and increase the odds of getting the big payouts.

Play the Dollar Ball in Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet also comes with the Dollar Ball Progressive Jackpot side game which can be an additional way to increase your winning potential. By choosing whether or not to activate this feature you have the power to add a little something extra to each spin. In order to play the side game, just click the Dollar Ball icon, place your bet and choose your lucky numbers. If any of these numbers appear on the reels during your next spin you win. If you wish, you can then choose to deactivate Dollar Ball on your next spin. It’s just that easy.

Try Silver Bullet or any of the other great pokies offered right here at Mansion Casino, the best Australian online casino. It’s time to bring the winning home to you.