Play The Love Boat Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

If you were born after the 1970’s you probably won’t remember The Love Boat, unless your parents enjoyed sitting you down for reruns night, but it was a classic that many people miss even until today. If you did get to appreciate this fine element of television viewing, then you’ll get a real kick out of the online pokies that are themed according to the show. They’ve got everything from the Dream Cruise feature to life preservers and a cast that is sure to make you nostalgic for the good old days! It is sure to make for an exciting weekend, so let’s get playing!

Play The Love Boat Online Pokies

The Love Boat Online Pokies Symbols

The Love Boat pokies are loaded up with some of the greatest references from the show ever. If you have a favourite character, you just might find him or her along the reels. Watch as Captain Merrill Stubing, Bernie Koppell the good doctor, Isaac Washington the friendly bartender, Ted McGinley the ship’s photographer, and some other cast members you might remember fondly spin around the rounds entertaining you once again with their smiles and their antics. You’ll also see other symbols that are reminiscent of the stage and setting like a cruise ship, wine glasses, playing cards and hearts, of course!

The Love Boat Online Pokies Specialty Features

Then there are more exciting icons that will win you larger payouts from our terrific Australian online casino. The bonus symbol for The Love Boat is a steering wheel (set to cruise no less). This will activate the Matchup Bonus round where you can pair up lonely guys and girls into happy couples. The better the match, the higher the payout will be, so get ready to play Cupid! Three or more scatter symbols, the logo, directs you to the doctor’s freebie round. The doctor is in the house, or on the ship in this case. He’ll stand along side the playing board during your free spins, holding a meter. The more features you win, the higher up the meter your levels will go, and you might just be able to rack up some more freebies while you are at it!

The Love Boat Online Pokies Ultimate Jackpot

Finally, if you find the Dream Cruise ticket anywhere on the fifth reel, you will be given tickets into the Dream Cruise jackpot. This is an actual jackpot drawing that Mansion Casino has, and you may be the next ecstatic winner to enjoy some holiday in heavenly surroundings, so start gambling and see if you’ve won!