Play The Six Million Dollar Man Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

What would you think of a max who could run at 60 mph, see at a vision of 20:1, and bulldoze his way through a cement wall? While it may seem impossible, the concept is not so far off. In fact, it describes the star of our The Six Million Dollar Man pokies just perfectly! Introducing an entirely new kind of superhero with phenomenal powers, especially for 70’s, which is when this exciting TV series aired. Now you can get in on all the excitement from this sci-fi classic when you play at the best online casino Australia today, so hurry in, and start the fun!

Play The Six Million Dollar Man Online Pokies

The Six Million Dollar Man Pokies – A Blast From The Past

There are some awesome high tech elements throughout the screen. For starters, the entire screen is made up to be some sort of computer system, though, with the bulk and the dials and what not, it is pretty apparent that this machine is not from this century! The poker suite also has an old school high tech vibe, made up of binary number dots that glow and jive. Then there are the other symbols that come onto the screen all the time. Things like electronic number scales and a heart rate monitor all add up to The Six Million Dollar Man pokies theme. Finally, you also have the bionic body parts that factor into the whole idea. After all, you can’t have a bionic man without bionic body parts, right? We’ve got feet, hands and eyes aplenty, so match them up for a fun win.

The Six Million Dollar Man Pokies Bionic Spin Lever

There are some new and interesting features that have recently been added to the base game, and we know you are just going to love these bonuses. The Bionic Spin lever brings a whole new level of excitement when you play pokies online like these. You will add another little bit to your overall wager, but what you’ll get in return can’t be compared to the buy in. In each spin, you will receive a random amount of wild symbols throughout the reels. There might be one, but there could also be up to five at a time, so you are looking at a pretty good haul over all.

Play follows like most other casino games of its kind. You make a wager to win a certain prize amount. How much will depend on the images that you have in your set. If you aren’t familiar with it already, check out the paychart to find out how much each icon will win you when playing The Six Million Dollar Man pokies.