Play The Sopranos Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

Anyone who is from America knows that New Jersey is nothing but the other side of the tunnel according to a New Yorker. But in 1999, something happened that made everyone change their minds about New Jersey forever. A dramatic and action-packed television series hit the public, and people suddenly had a lot more respect for their neighbors across the state line. What was it that made this major role reversal occur? It was the starring cast of our newest edition at Mansion Casino online casino Australia, The Sopranos pokies. With the mob on the scene, all of a sudden, people start paying more attention and giving a little more courtesy to their local fruit vendors. Well, now you can enjoy the entertainment value that is packed into these reels, and maybe even skim a little off the top from these big names in the business. Just be careful you don’t get caught, or you might be swimming with the fishes!

Play The Sopranos Online Pokies

The Sopranos Pokies - What a Lineup

The Sopranos pokies has more than its fair share of specialty features, so we’ll cut to those almost immediately. First though, we’ll say a quick word about the reel icons. There are all the usual suspects. If you’ve seen the show, you’ll know them all well, and if you haven’t, you probably want to stream a few episodes to get yourself up to speed!

The Sopranos Pokies Are Loaded With Bonuses

Now for the big guns. There is a container symbol that will open up a bonus round if it shows up on reels one and five simultaneously. You’ll choose from ten different containers to reveal your prizes. The values of each one are listed on the side of the screen, but you don’t know which value is connected to which container. Select one, and then choose whether or not to trade it in for a shot at a higher value. The Sopranos pokies logo is the scatter, and this will bring you to the Crime Family free pokies online games when three or more appear. This is a complex system of unlocking and opening different levels with various features involved. There are four levels from Soldier, Capo, Boss and Family. You’ll need to keep unlocking the levels to rise up in the ranks and play each one.

What about the bada bing? Yeah, we’ve got some of that too. Check out the Bada Bing bonus feature. This bonus round gives you cash prizes each time you meet with the big boss. You may or may not be able to score some more meetings if you are lucky! Get into this great version, and be sure to check out all casino games on our platform today.