Play Top Trump Celebs Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

Are you a star gazer? There is no shame is appreciating beauty, whether it is in a painting or up on stage, and that is the premise for our next pokies online machine. The Top Trumps Celebs pokies give you everything you want in terms of the faces you want to see and the prizes you want to win. So stop mucking about, and start enjoying those stars the way they should be!

Play Top Trump Celebs Online Pokies

Choosing the Icons In Top Trump Celebs Online Pokies

One of the greatest features that the Top Trumps Celebs pokies features is the ability to choose which icons appear on the reels. This is cool not only because it is a unique feature that won’t be found nearly anywhere else on any Australian online casino, but because it insures that you will get to see the faces you want the most frequently! So who’s your hottie for the day? Will it be Nicholas Cage, Colin Farrell or Owen Wilson? Maybe you prefer a more mature style like Sean Connery? Well, there is also 50 Cent for the music lovers out there. Don’t forget Hugh Grant, Samuel L. Jackson and so many more.

There are plenty of beautiful women to choose from as well. Take your pick from Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Kate Moss, Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Christina Aguleira and many more. If you are a fan, then get ready to enjoy watching all your number one picks flashing before your eyes every round! Once you’ve settled on a cast of five fab faces, you can also choose the wild card to feature. Select from Madonna, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and Elvis Presley, some of the top picks in their industry. At last, you can settle down for some thrilling rounds filled with your Top Trumps Celebs.

Top Trump Celebs Online Pokies Red Carpet Bonus

This Mansion Casino fave has some pretty neat specialty icons as well, the Red Carpet bonus round, for example. To trigger this round, simply get the bonus symbol on reels one and five on the same spin. The playing screen will disappear, and the bonus stage will appear. This is a sixteen square grid with all of the personalities smiling back at you. Your job is to choose from amoung these beautiful people three individuals. The people you choose will present you with your prizes, and, sometimes, you might get lucky and find an additional pick hidden in the mix! There is no telling what you are going to get, so hurry in and find out now!