Play Top Trumps World Football Stars Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

If you played our Legends pokies online, then you are going to love the brother edition called Top Trumps World Football Stars. It has even more exciting features, fantastic close up shots of the greatest players across the globe, and, as always, tremendous payouts that make your mouth water just thinking about them! So get into the club now, and start your winning streak!

Play Top Trumps World Football Stars Online Pokies

Top Trumps World Football Stars Online Pokies Features

Like we said, the Top Trumps World Football Stars has plenty of features that you are going to enjoy. Like to personalize your experiences? Well, now you can do just that on these reels by picking the teams to go up on the screen. You’ll get to decide who is the home team and who their opponents are every round. You can switch it up each round, or stick to your favourites, especially if you are on a roll! Choose from Argentina, Brazil, Italy and more.

Teamwork And Top Trumps World Football Stars Online Pokies

The idea of teamwork has always been important in team sports, and that ideal hasn’t changed in the wonderful world of Mansion Casino pokies. We value this virtue so much, in fact, that we feature a bonus stage that will deliver extra points to your bankroll just for working together! The Pass the Ball bonus feature gives you three times the wins each time one of your teammates pass the ball successfully.

A really neat feature that continues this fabulous theme of working together is the mixed pay option. During the usual rounds, you have to line up three of a kind in order for a symbol to pay out. With the Top Trumps World Football Stars, though, this is not the case. Instead of looking for three of a kind, you only need to find three teammates in order to get a win for the round! Here’s how it works. Let’s say you are playing as Spain, and you get two Carles Puyol symbols and one Jose Antonio Reyes on the board. Normally, this wouldn’t mean anything, and the reels would spin on to the next round. Here, though, you get the win because that’s what teamwork is all about!

Top Trumps World Football Stars Online Pokies Bonuses

Want to see more of your team playing? Well, when you get the free spin icon, represented by the team’s flag, you will get a chance to see all your players in action because all 12 of the thrilling gratis spins are played out with your team players only! Get in on all the action now when you visit our fabulous online casino Australia!