Play Triple Profits Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

If multi spin online pokies are your speed, and making money is something that you enjoy, then Triple Profits is the game for you! It is loaded up with all the money making possibilities you need to walk away with a pocket full of cash and a smile on your face. So hurry into the coolest remote access gambling club around, and start making a killing today!

Play Triple Profits Online Pokies

Triple Profits Online Pokies Winning Symbols

Mansion Casino Australia has a lot of exciting options, and this is definitely one of the greatest. Triple Profits has all kinds of symbols that will appear on the screen, and, as promised, they all have to do with money. The most basic of them all are the weights, telling you how much things are worth and then the values start to increase. Got a bar of gold? That’s worth something; get two and that’s worth even more! The reason this one works differently than the other symbols is because it is what we call a wild symbol. The wild symbols acts in a different way than other icons, and their payouts will also come out in varying ways than what you are used to. Just one wild symbol will already win you something, and that is really a nifty trick.

Calculators, scales and safes all contribute to the fun and gains but once you start seeing moneybags and dollar signs, though, you know you are in for a treat! You can line up three moneybags of any colour to get the first and lowest payout of these types, and that’s just the beginning. Once you start scoring three of the same colour, you are really going to be reeling in the Triple Profits! Blues, green and reds all pay out in successively higher increments and the dollar signs work the same way. Multi-coloured wins bring out the lower end payouts, while blue, green and red signs are the hierarchy that you can expect to find on these reels.

Triple Profits Online Pokies Bonus Stage

One last thing, the bonus stage, and then we’ll let you get to the real reason you are here (making money and having fun, of course!) The bonus round is triggered when stacks of cash appear on the screen. You’ll know you are doing well when these icons show up because the bonus round is your ticket to success. Big cash payouts, exciting gambling potentials, and light-hearted entertainment that you won’t find anywhere else – It’s all here at our super online casino Australia, so come and get it!