Play Tropic Reels Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

The heat of the jungle is going to be making you sweat, but that’s just the beginning of the fun that this next multi spin, video, pokies online machine is serving up. Tropic Reels has an entertaining jungle-like theme that brings in lots of authentic elements, from the graphics to the sounds and reel icons. You’ll find everything you would imagine on a trip to the rain forests, and maybe even a little more! One thing that is out of place, though, is the tremendous cash flow that you can walk away with when you start to play. Like the sound of that? Then head straight to our lobby and start having some good old tiki god fun today!

Play Tropic Reels Online Pokies

How To Play Tropic Reels Online Pokies

Tropic Reels is what we refer to as multi spin pokies. This means that you will have a chance to hold the symbols in place for other rounds if you want to. The first line is played out after you make your wager and when the images appear on the reels, that is when you can choose to hit or stick, to speak in terms that our Blackjack lovers can relate to. If you “hit”, then you will get all new symbols for the remaining four lines that are open for that round. If you choose to “stick”, though, you get to keep that symbol for all the other four lines as well. So if, for example, you receive one of those exciting wild tigers on the first line, you can click the hold button under that image and then the same icon will then pop up on all four of the other lines simultaneously, ensuring that you get the maximum wins possible! Customizing the reel icons? Our crazy Australian online casino is practically handing you the cash before you even start!

Tropic Reels Online Pokies Symbols

Tropic Reels has some colourful reel imagery that you are sure to enjoy. There are plenty of citrus fruits rolling around with limes, oranges and lemon slices to keep things fun and tangy. The vivid birds will also brighten up the scene, as blue, red and yellow parrots fly across the reels. Beautiful water lilies are always welcome, and that’s why they will be found abundantly during these rounds, as will some of the wild life that you might normally see in the jungle. Check out the adorable tree frogs and the exotic tiger we mentioned earlier. Each image has a value on its head, so be sure to learn the payouts before you start in on your exciting session here at Mansion Casino Australia!