True Love Pokies

Play True Love Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

Equipped with a wild burst of pinks and reds, True Love is the online pokies game for romantics. The buttons are heart shaped and the reels are filled with symbols which represent romance. The symbols are a dove, a red rose, a violin, a heart shaped box of chocolates, cupid and a girl. Play more exciting classic multi line slots games like Fairy Magic and Silent Samurai on Mansion Casino online casino Australia.

Play True Love Online Pokies

How to Play

There are 8 coin options offered to players. This means that the players who prefer to bet small, have more options than high rollers do. The game has 15 pay lines and each pay line can take up to 10 coins as a wager. True Love gives the player a chance to use features such as Bet Max, audio disabling, auto play and full screen mode.

Cupid is the chosen wild symbol in this game. Its appearance prompts doubled payouts when it plays a part in composing a winning combination. On its own, it gives line payouts if more than two of the symbols appear from left to right in selected pay lines. If all the five reels hold the cupid symbol, the jackpot is 10,000 coins.

The scatter symbol for this game is the Girl. When more than two of the scatter symbols appear on the reels, it results in scatter payouts. More than three scatter symbols activate the free spins option. The player is allowed 15 free spins and the winnings are multiplied by 3. These free spins can be repeatedly triggered.

Other Features

The Gamble option on True Love, gives players three choices – they can skip the Gamble Game by choosing ‘Collect’ and withdrawing their cash; they can choose the ‘Double Half’ option and wager half their cash and withdraw the rest; or if they are willing to take a chance, they can select the ‘Double’ option and wager their entire winnings.

Four cards will be dealt, three facing upwards and one facing downwards. Aussie players must choose one of the downward facing cards and if it is valued higher than the upward facing card, they win double the amount staked. If it isn’t, players will loose the bet money.