Play Ugga Bugga Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

The natives are getting restless, and it might have something to do with all that gold they're sitting on! If hidden treasures are your idea of a good time, then you will want to load up these pokies online fast. Ugga Bugga is a multi spin pokies machine, and that means there is going to be lots of action going on during every single round. There’s plenty of excitement, not to mention loads of payouts around every spin, so it is time to give this version a whirl!

Play Ugga Bugga Online Pokies

Ugga Bugga has some unusual faces and images that you might not know what to do with. Lucky for you, the folks down at our friendly Australian online casino have drawn up a quick guide on how to play this fun-filled version so just sit back, and let us show you the ropes. Then you can start winning these reels like a pro whenever you want!

Ugga Bugga Online Pokies Symbols

Ugga Bugga is actually really easy to pick up on because the only thing you need to focus on is the pay chart. This is the area of the playing board that tells you how much each icon is worth. Do you play cards? You know how silly it would be to hold onto a four when you are trying for a royal flush. Well, that is the same idea here. If you don’t know which symbols are worth more than others, you are likely to hold on to the wrong symbols, and end up clutching at the lowballers when you could be cashing in big. So read the pay chart, do yourself a favour!

The coolest part, though, has nothing to do with the icons and their payouts. What's the big deal? It's only one of the most interactive features that you'll find from any pokies anywhere. You see, instead of just having to swallow the icons that you are given, a multi spin version lets you decide which images you'll see. Do the math, and you will quickly realize how profitable this feature can be for you.

How To Play Ugga Bugga Online Pokies

Once the chart is understood, you can bet on the round. After the reels stop spinning from your first round, only the lowest line on the left will be populated and you can hold any of these three symbols, and they’ll stay in that position for all the other lines as well. Hint, if you get a wild symbol, hold onto that one! Now you can start gambling like a champ at Mansion Casino Australia, today!