Play Vikingmania Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

A strong and fierce people, the Vikings conquered various parts of the world for much of the 8th to the 11th centuries. While they were from Norse culture, there have been farces made of these nomadic fighters across the board, and we’d like to throw in our bid as well. We present the Vikingmania pokies, a fun and whimsical option from our online casino games selection that will keep you both entertained and enthralled by these delightful images, payouts and atmosphere. Come give it a whirl, and see if you can resist playing again!

Play Vikingmania Online Pokies

The Vikingmania pokies have loads of references to the tribes of seafarers, and the reels and backdrop compliment the overall flavour nicely. While this may interest a historian greatly, if you are like most punters, you really just want to get to the prize payouts, so we’ll skip to the more interesting parts right now!

Vikingmania Pokies Free Treasure Games

Find the treasure map three times or more on the screen and you’ll be entitled to ten free pokies online games! In addition to that, each round will have its score multiplied by three, and the wild symbol will expand to cover the reel it appears on during these rounds. You won’t believe it, but finding three more treasure maps during these rounds will actually reload your counter with ten more freebies. That’s right, and this can happen all night long!

Vikingmania Pokies Playtime Activities!

What do you think the Vikings did for fun? You can be sure it wasn’t anything like a quiet game of chess, and we’re pretty sure it had something to do with throwing stuff! Well, now you can get a sneak peek into their leisure time activities with the Viking Playtime bonus feature. You need to activate all five reels in order to make this happen, though, so get started. You can trigger a reel by finding the hammer symbol in the centre of that reel. When at last you reach the bonus stage, you’ll get to choose from a range of weapons. What are they for? Well, to throw at your friend of course! There will be one chap tied to a bulls eye, and your goal is to hit him with your weapon of choice. You get ten shots, so make them count.

The Vikingmania pokies are being featured right now. So head directly to our online casino Australia, grab yourself an account and play the version that has been making history!