Play Wild Gambler Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

If you are ready to unleash the animal inside, then you had better start off with the Wild Gambler pokies from Mansion Casino online casino Australia. These reels have an adorable and tenacious attitude about them, and you can tap into the energy that is woven into their makeup. Get ready for a run through the untamed wilderness when you opt into this gambling frenzy right now!

The Wild Gambler pokies have a savannah theme, and all of the animals have shown up for role call. The background is a sunny plain with trees overhead and a herd of buffalo moving forward. The reel icons include rhinos, flamingos, jaguars, zebras, and the kind of the beasts as well. The royal suite has different animal prints spotting and stripping them all over so they’ll fit right in with the rest of the crew. Even the animation on this version is more lively than most. When you hover over any of the function buttons at the bottom of the display, they will bounce up and down excitedly in the true spirit of the theme.

Wild Gambler Pokies Lock & Spin Feature

The Lock & Spin feature is new to most online casino games that you are used to, but it is something that is quickly catching on. You can actually tell the system that you want the current wild symbol to get locked in place for the next spin. This will require an additional bet, but it also increases your chances of winning a bigger payout tremendously. You can always change your mind and unlock the feature, or you can use the auto lock so that wilds are automatically stuck in place when they appear on the screen. It’s just one more way to enjoy the ingenuity of these gambles.

This feature also allows you to tailor your wild presence as well as how much of a stake you want to put down. It’s an incredibly flexible bonus that really lets you play just how you would like to.

Wild Gambler Pokies Meerkat Bonus

All the jungle animals are up and ready to play in the Wild Gambler pokies. You’ll even noticed the small meerkats popping up now and again. They’ll busily run about the screen, and that’s good news for you. Five meerkats will give you eight free spins, and the wild features are available indiscriminately during these rounds. That means that any wilds that were already locked in place will stay there without the extra stake. Any new wilds will also be held down. Basically, you are looking at major gains for these pokies online, so give it a shot!