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You’ve been to Spain for the summer Olympics, and you followed the winter sports all the way to the Alps. You’ve painted your bare chest in the team colours, and you even slept outside in the rain to get scalped tickets for opening night. You thought you saw it all, but really, you haven’t seen anything yet! That’s because nothing can compare to the excitement and the challenge of the Wild Games pokies. The starting lineup for these reels are the top of their leagues, and you would be hard pressed to find a more suitable opponent. If you don’t know them already, you’ll quickly learn their names and faces, so let the online casino Australia games begin!

Play Wild Games Online Pokies

Wild Games Pokies – Animal Athletes

The Wild Games pokies are starring three of the champion athletes from all over the world competing in major Olympic sports. On the swimming competition, we’ve got Mad dog the bulldog, running track for us is the no cheatin’ cheetah and a balance beam trick by the happiest hippo ever that is sure to blow your mind. That’s right, palying all of these sports are members of the animal kingdom, or did you expect something else? Well, watch them compete for the bronze, silver and gold medals and the chance to win the major world cup trophy!

Wild Games Pokies Triple Bonus Action

The Wild Games pokies have some great bonus features just like the rest of our online pokies games. The drooling bulldog on the third reel will start a Freestyle Swim bonus stage. Click on any of the three dogs competing, and whatever place he wins will be the medal that shows up during your eight free spins. You can win more freebies each time the medal appears, up to 200 in fact.

Next we have a 100M Dash bonus. You get eight freebies for this one too, and you’ll choose between the three cheetahs standing around for the medal. This time, though, the medals stand for extra wild symbols that will expand or clone themselves to help you get gargantuan winning combinations every time! Lastly, you’ll get the Balance Beam bonus feature with the happy hippo standing by. Choose the move you’d like to wow your judges with, and then give it your all to win a higher prize value for your eight complimentary spins. There’s even a Win a Medal bonus round that lets you pick your medal for cash. Play the Wild Games pokies and other online casino games for fun that never ends!