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Are you looking for something new? Something fun and thrilling, but still familiar and easy to play? If so, then this here is the game for you! This great game seamlessly combines the thrill and big winnings of roulette with the fun and strategy of poker. Both aspects of the game will feel familiar to you as you roll the dice and begin winning cash and after a few rounds you will really get the feel for this fun, new hybrid and you will no doubt be hooked! Find Wild Viking online pokies at Mansion Casino Australia today and you will be glad you did!

Play Wild Viking Online Pokies

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So you are ready to try this great Viking-inspired crossbreed? Log on today and check it out! Wild Viking is a card based game displayed on a roulette table. At first glance you will notice a proper green roulette table with a full deck of playing cards including two jokers, displayed. The betting is quite unique in this game. There are four ways to wager in this game and you will notice three separate betting areas. Start with the center betting area and place chips on the table over any of the 52 cards. Bets in this area are just like in roulette; choose to bet on a single card or on other great options; these wagers will apply to the final card in the hand and winning with a single-card bet pays out 51 times the original value! Now look at the bottom betting area; these bets will also apply to the final card in the hand above. Just like in roulette you can bet on combinations including odds, evens, black cards, and red cards. Unique to this game, you can also bet on the two jokers and the Wild Viking with that last betting option paying out 1,250 times the original wager!! Feeling lucky? Don’t pass up an opportunity for winnings that extraordinary! The final betting area is the top betting area which is based on poker hands. These hands have much higher payouts than the other sections of the table so focusing here is wise. The final way to bet is in the poker hands betting area, and this includes hands not previously offered in the top betting area. Log on today for the most unique of all the online Table games!

Win With Wild Viking At Mansion Casino Australia

Are you ready to try it out for yourself? Head over to the best Australian online casino and play Wild Vikings today. There is no limit to the amount of bets you can place, so increase your odds of winning and bet on a variety of options.