Play Wings of Gold Online Pokies at Mansion Casino Australia

There is something exciting and thrilling and all together unique about fighter planes. They’re way up in the air, careening around like they own the place, oh yeah, and they have major fire power the size of automobiles! If you feel a buzz bubbling up inside of you when you look towards the skies and see a plane soaring through the clouds, then the Wings of Gold pokies are most definitely the pokies online for you. See if you can pilot your way through these reels, and land yourself comfortably on a big fat cash prize in the end. Good luck!

Play Wings of Gold Online Pokies

Wings of Gold Pokies – Planes, Pilots & Pretty Faces

Anyone who knows their planes will really appreciate the different styles that you can see during these rounds. Each one comes with its own weaponry, fighting technique and, of course, payout range. Other symbols include the scatter logo for the Wings of Gold pokies, a captain wild card and beautiful stewardess with red locks falling gently onto her shoulders. She isn’t just a pretty face to look at, though. In fact she’ll pay you 5000 coins if you can find five of her on one line!

Wings of Gold Pokies Medal of Honour Bonus

The standard reel images are exciting to look at, but the bonus features are what will really fuel your fire. Now the Medal of Honour bonus is received when three scatter symbols appear any place on the screen. You start the round by selecting a medal. This is your medal during the free spins, and the more frequently it shows up, the more free spins you are going to amass! If it shows up five times, for example, you’ll receive 15 casino games, six will give you 18, and so on. You can win up to 100 complimentary spins for this one round! Also, when the wild symbol appears on these spins, you can double your win’s value for even greater payouts.

The Xtra Win mode is an extra bet that you can play out independent of the main wager you make. This will take 50% of the total bet, and add that to your overall wager. When the reels start spinning, this feature will ensure that all of your wild symbols will become expanding wilds, taking up more room on the reels, and making more winning combinations as a result. It is a fun addition to the gambling side of the Wings of Gold pokies, and most of our Mansion Casino online casino Australia members enjoy it immensely!