Play 3D Roulette Premium Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Do you like action, thrills, fun and excitement? Then this game is for you. Take online roulette to the next level with 3D Roulette Premium, a new and fresh take on traditional Roulette designed especially to elevate this classy, classic and thrilling game to a whole new realm, to bring you more action, more fun and more satisfaction. Take the adventure of a lifetime with just a few simple clicks as you travel to all the casino Meccas throughout the world without ever leaving home. Become a high roller at our casino online with this newest version of one of the world’s most popular casino games offering extra betting options that will make your head spin!

Play 3D Roulette Premium Online

Learn the Rules of 3D Roulette Premium

The glory of 3D Roulette Premium is that it plays in a very similar fashion to regular online roulette, but with fantastic special effects that will liven the game up even more to bring you a more enjoyable online gaming experience than ever before. When the Roulette wheel spins, it rises up off the screen in majestic 3D animation, giving the game the look and feel of a real casino, and placing you right in the middle of all the ‘live’ casino action.

The game begins by placing your bets. Like regular 3D Roulette, you have the choice of making different bets – ten in total, five of them being inside bets and five of them being outside bets. You have the ability to make street bets, double street bets, straight bets corner bets or split bets with your five inside bets while you can make dozen bets, odds or even bets, column bets, high or low bets and red or black bets with your outside bets. However, with the premium version, you also have the option to make red and black split bets, voisins, orphelins and tiers, adding more fun and exhilaration and giving you even more of a real casino experience.

Place your bet by clicking on the section shown on the table that portrays the number of the bet amount you would like to wager. You can increase your bet amount by clicking on the stack of chips located on the picture of the table found on your screen. This action will increase your wager by the stack total. Once your bet is placed, click spin to active the Roulette wheel and watch it spin as the 3D enhancements work their magic and raise the wheel up. When the ball has come to a complete stop, wins will be tallied and paid out.

Spin to Win 3D Roulette Premium at Mansion Casino Australia

Mansion Casino Australia brings Monte Carlo, Las Vegas and Atlantic City Down Under with 3D Roulette Premium, an amazingly realistic and dazzling game that brings you straight into the centre of all the action. Revel in the glamour of Monte Carlo, the glitz of Vegas and the grit of Atlantic City from the comfort of your computer screen, without the need for an expensive airline ticket. Spend your money on the action, not on getting to it! Play 3D Roulette Premium and other thrilling games at Mansion Casino Australia today.