Play European Roulette Multiplayer Online at Mansion Casino Australia

European Roulette is a game that dates back to the early days of casino games. A gem among its fellow online roulette games, European Roulette Multiplayer has long been lauded for its class and sophistication, and is a game of choice for many of the wealthy and upper class. It is also a game of fun and flair, and appeals to casino players everywhere. European Roulette has a betting board that consists of 37 betting squares, red and black squares numbered 1-36 and a special zero square, coloured green, as opposed to American Roulette, which has a board comprised of 38 squares, red and black squares numbered 1-36, and a green zero square as well as a double zero square. The odds for playing European Roulette are better than those for American Roulette because the board consists of one less betting option, being without the double zero square.

Play European Roulette Multiplayer Online

Betting Options for European Roulette Multiplayer

European Roulette Multiplayer follows the same betting options available with traditional European Roulette, including inside bets, such as straight bets, which are bets placed in the center of a single numbered square, split bets, which are placed on the line between two numbers and cover both numbers touching the line on which the wager is placed, street bets, which are bets placed on a row of three numbers, four bets, corner bets and line bets. Outside bets can be placed as column bets, dozen bets, which are placed on twelve numbers at once, and low and high bets, odd and even bets and red and black bets, which each cover a total of 18 numbers within their category.

European Roulette Multiplayer also has an En-Parte option, which allows players at our online casino Australia to receive back half their initial wager when there are no winning pockets. Players also have the option to leave their bets in the pocket of their initial wager for the next round of play.

Experience Live Casino Action in European Roulette Multiplayer

There’s no feeling that equates with the fun and excitement of being part of the action in a live casino. There a certain magic and energy that builds from the flow of conversation and the feeling of being a part of something bigger than just yourself. There’s a buzz of activity where you can join in the excitement of playing amongst others just like yourself, who enjoy the game and the sheer thrill of watching the ball spin, and waiting to see where it will land.

And yet, on the other hand, there’s also an enjoyment that comes with being in the comfort of your own home, relaxed and at ease. European Roulette Multiplayer meets both these needs, with tables where players can chat with other players and spectators can watch the action, giving players the luxury of feeling like they’re in a live casino, while still maintaining the comfort and coziness of home. Who says you can’t have it all?