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French roulette history stretches as far back as the 18th century where the game was played in French casinos.It appears different from other variations of the game at first glance, however many of these differences are superficial and once you learn how to play the game you will see that it is similar to other classic versions of the game. The colour of the French roulette table is unique in a bright red, compared to the standard green or blue you will generally come across. In addition, the table is in French with names of bets all labelled in French. There are unique bets in French roulette known as call bets and unique rules such as La Partage rule and the single zero rule.

Play French Roulette Online

How to Play French Roulette at Mansion Casino Australia

Players play French roulette in much the same way as other classic variations of the game in that you need to place a bet and then spin the wheel. Once the ball comes to rest in a numbered slot, you will be paid out for any wins.

Some of the unique bets that can be placed in a game of French roulette include Voisins du Zero (neighbours of zero), Orphelins (orphans), Tiers du Cylindre (third of the wheel), Finales a Cheval and Finales en Plein.

If you bet on an even money bet and the ball lands on the single zero, you will only lose half your bet when you make use of La Partage rule. This gives you a significant advantage.

French Roulette at Mansion Casino Australia

To try your hand at the classic game of French roulette, download the online casino software from our Mansion Casino Australia and start playing. You are also able to try out other variations of roulette online, including American roulette and European roulette.