Play Mini Roulette Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Mini roulette is unique in that is a mini version of the game of online roulette that was designed specifically for online casinos. Not available at land-based casinos, mini roulette offers an exciting and distinctive gaming option. Mini roulette offers only 13 numbered slots, the numbers 1 through 12 and a single zero. Because of the fewer numbers available in the game, the bets that you can place are slightly different and the odds in the game are also affected.

Play Mini Roulette Online

How to Play Mini Roulette

The basic set-up of the game is similar to other versions of roulette in that you place a bet, spin the wheel and are paid out for wins. Specifically, click on the betting area of the table to place your bets.To increase your bet, click on the stack on the table and your bet will increase by the amount in the stack. Bets in the game of mini roulette include straight bet, split bet, corner bet, street bet, three bet, six bet, column bet, red or black bet and odd or even bet. Once your bets are placed, click the “spin” button on the screen to get the wheel spinning. Once the ball comes to rest you will be paid out for any wins. If the ball lands on the 0, you will get a 50% pay back.

Mini Roulette at Mansion Casino Australia

To enjoy the unique online roulette game of mini roulette, visit Mansion Casino Australia and download the online casino software. You can play in fun mode or in real money mode, but either way you will be able to enjoy the excitement of watching the wheel spin. You can also try out other versions of the game at Mansion Casino for our Australian players. Try out 3D roulette or French roulette.