Play Multiplayer European Roulette Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Love playing roulette, but don’t want to get yourself to an actual casino? Love roulette online games, but miss the camaraderie of playing with others? Multiplayer European Roulette at Mansion Casino Australia is your solution! Join us for a great game as either a player or a spectator and enjoy great features including huge payouts and an option to chat with other players!

Play Multiplayer European Roulette Online

Play Multiplayer European Roulette

Like all versions of the classic casino game, the object of Multiplayer European Roulette is to predict where the ball will make its final stop on the spinning roulette wheel. What makes this version so unique is that not only does it take place from the comfort of your own home computer like other online table games, but you can still benefit from playing with others and enjoy conversation with your mates at the same time! Another great feature is that this game allows for up to four spectators to join the game as well and watch as the players bet, spin, win, and chat.

To play, select a chip value and bet by placing your chips on areas of the roulette table, and just click again to multiply your bet. Each player has a different colour chip which corresponds to the colour of their name tag and because there are other players, you will only have a limited amount of time to place your bets, so keep an eye on the timer on the screen, then click Confirm Bets and get ready for the spin. After the dealer throws the ball into the whirling wheel, she will collect chips and distribute winnings. And now that it is time for another winning round, select rebet to wager the same amounts or start anew! Want to get to know the other players or make small talk? Click on the input area of the chat window at the lower side of the window and left-click to activate it. What’s more, you can even use emoticons!

Win Big With Multiplayer European Roulette At Mansion Casino Australia

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