Play Multiplayer French Roulette Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Are you ready for a great roulette online game? Unlike the many that have come before it, Multiplayer French Roulette is better than ever and loaded with great features and awesome winnings. Join the top Australian casino online for all of the fun of the real deal without having to leave your home! The best part of this game is that you can watch others before beginning and chat with your tablemates! What makes the French version of this favourite casino game unique is the “La Partage” rule which provides a huge advantage. When the ball lands on the zero, the players lose only half of their even money bets, and the other half comes from the bank.

Play Multiplayer French Roulette Online

How To Play Multiplayer French Roulette

Multiplayer French Roulette is an online version of the game that allows for up to 10 players and spectators to play with the added feature of a chat window. Game play begins with placing wagers. Click on a chip value and place it over your roulette wagers on the board and you will only have 40 seconds to place your bets so stay focused! There is a feature to “rebet” your previous wager which will make your 40 second betting time more efficient. So what makes the French version of this game different? You will notice right away that the table layout is different and that the words are in French, but you may also notice a new betting category that you have not seen in other games. Call bets include Voisins du Zero, Tiers du cylinder, Orphelines, Jeu 0, and Number and its Neighbours. In this version, the table has 12 columns and three rows of numbers beginning with the 0 at the top of the field. Bets are categorized as inside or outside based on the area of the table in which they are placed and once you have placed your bets, you can click spin and the dealer will send the ball spinning in the opposite direction around the roulette wheel. When the ball comes to a stop the results will be announced and winnings paid. Now you are ready to play for real money at Mansion Casino Australia!

Multiplayer French Roulette At Mansion Casino Australia

If online table games are your thing, head on over to our site for Multiplayer French Roulette. Place your inside, outside, and call bets and get ready for great payouts. You will enjoy the fun of this game that allows you to play with others while chatting with them and taking in the fabulous graphics and sound effects.