Play NewAR Roulette Online at Mansion Casino Australia

It’s the answer table games fans and roulette online players have long been searching for. Players in casinos from Europe to United States and beyond have been waiting for a new and exciting variation on one of the most beloved and massively popular casino games played all over the world today: Roulette. Our casino online has not only heard the call of the fans, but has answered it with a thrilling and cool new version of this traditional favourite.

 Play NewAR Roulette Online

NewAR Roulette combines the best of old school tradition and new-age variety. The game is played similarly to European Roulette, with 37 numbered spaces on the table, including 1-36 in red and black, and a green zero. In additional, inside bets such as single, split, trio, basket and top line, and outside bets such as even or odd, red or black, dozen bets, column bets and snake bets are still in play, but NewAR Roulette adds special additional side bets: black and odd and red and even.

NewAR Roulette odds

With the two new additional outside bets available in NewAR Roulette, players have new and exciting options when it comes to making wagers. Now players can still play traditionally, and place all the traditional bets they have become accustomed to, but with an added twist. The beauty of NewAR Roulette is that it doesn’t alter this casino favourite beyond recognition. It takes all the wonderful and thrilling aspects of the game people loved, and tweaked them slightly to appeal not only to the traditional players, but also to that advanced breed of Roulette players who are looking to shake things up slightly in order to add a whole new level of fun and energy into this choice game.

The purpose of the additional new bets on NewAR Roulette is to give Roulette players more: more to work with, more fun and excitement in the game, more numbers and betting options to strategise over, and more chances of winning, with bets from a $1 minimum bet to a $20 maximum bet for straight up bets and improved 3-1 odds. More betting choices ultimately means more chances to win.

Customise your NewAR Roulette at Mansion Casino Australia

Along with it new wagers, NewAR Roulette also has many new and exciting customisable features, including the ability to chance the screen color from red to green or blue, choosing the view, so you can decide what angle and vantage point work best for you and changing the direction in which your wheel spins. NewAR Roulette also keeps track of your betting history as well as apprising you of the portion of the board you have covered with your bets.

The point is, NewAR Roulette is all about you – the player. Providing you with more options in your customisation, providing you with more options in your betting, providing you with more options in your variety, and providing you with the a version of Roulette that will re-establish this fun and classic game as a favourite all over again!