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Is this whirring wheel your game of choice? Roulette Pro is the best online version of the classic casino game and you can find it here, at Mansion Casino, and start playing today for great cash prizes. What makes this version of the game unique is that you can play it from the convenience of your own home. There is no need to get dressed up and schmooze at the casinos, because with us you can enjoy the game any time of day or night from the convenience of your own home, tuxedo optional!

Play Roulette Pro Online

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This great virtual game of luck is instantly familiar because it is the classic version of the beloved game. To start playing roulette online Pro, place your wager by selecting your chip value and placing it on a number of locations on the board. As is standard, you can wager on a single number, a range of numbers, the colour red or the colour black, and even numbers or odd numbers. When you are satisfied with your wager, select the spin button and the ball whirls around the wheel as it spins in the opposite direction. This version features a traditional European wheel with 37 pockets, easily identifiable by the single green 0. The croupier, or dealer, will call out the winning number, colour, and even or odd. She then collects the chips and pays out the winnings before asking you to place your bets for the next round.

The background music, professional atmosphere, and realistic sound effects will leave you feeling like you were standing around an actual gaming table sipping a martini, while winning great heaps of cash prizes. Some of the great features of this game include the option for selecting predefined bets including the Voisins du Zero, Tier, Orphelins, or Neighbours. These options appear in the lower left-hand corner of the screen and make betting easier while increasing your chances of winning. This great online game also gives you the option to rebet if you were happy with your previous wager or if you prefer to play the same bet each round. When deciding how to bet you can always hover over the min/max screen in the center top of the screen and this will show you a pop-up of all of the wagers and their payouts, as well as minimum and maximum bets. Ready to win big? Log in now for the best online table games.

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