Play A Night Out Scratch Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Are you one of those guys who has never been very good at picking up women? Well, you can take comfort in the fact that you are not alone! Tonight, though, you are in for a real treat because we have some foxy friends who are dying to make your acquaintance when you play A Night Out Scratch! Even if the social scene has got you down, your luck will be way up when you play these cards at our bang up Australian online casino, so let’s get busy today!

Play A Night Out Scratch Games Online

A Night Out Scratch Symbols

First let’s take a look at the symbols that you’ll see when you play these cards, partially because it is a good idea to know which icons you will be playing with, but mostly because they’re a bunch of hotties that deserve our attention! A Night Out scratch cards feature some sexy symbols that you’ll enjoy watching flash across the screen. From busty blondes to brazen brunettes and racy redheads, there is something for everyone in these cards. The lovely ladies each have a price tag (not like that!) and if you line up three of the same woman in a row, you’ll get that jackpot all to yourself. The brunette pays out fifty times your card value, the redhead one hundred, and the bombshell blonde a whopping five hundred times the amount you spent on a single card! Pretty amazing, these girls are, aren’t they?

The other symbols at our online casino Australia also pay out, but not nearly as much as the women. Still, a win is always exciting. Find various drinks, from fruity cocktail drinks featuring kiwis, pineapples, oranges and strawberries, to a frosty mug of beer. Each pays out their own amounts ranging from an even payout up to twenty times the card value. Again, not the killer jackpots that we mentioned before, but also nothing to dismiss so readily.

How to Play A Night Out Scratch

Now play is pretty intuitive, so we’ll just run through it fast. After clicking on the symbols to adjust your denomination, you can hit Play to get the ball rolling. Alternatively, you can opt to take the lazy way out, and just click Auto Play. This gets the gears in motion without you having to lift a finger. A Night Out scratch cards are some of the most exciting ones you’ll find anywhere, but we’ve got other online scratch games that we think you’ll enjoy just as much. Come in, and get a taste of our selection today!