Play Beetle Bingo Scratch Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Beetle Bingo scratch cards are something really special, and you are not going to find anything else like it in all the online scratch games out there. This novel concept brings together several aspects into one enjoyable forum for fun and gambling, so get ready to claim your newest favourite!

Play Beetle Bingo Scratch Games Online

Beetle Bingo Scratch Cards

Playing Beetle Bingo scratch is different to other versions on our online casino Australia, so let’s take the time to learn the rules. That way, you won’t be left rubbing your temples or pulling your hair out when the action starts rolling! Looking at the screen, you’ll automatically see that it is both unique in its design and somewhat complex in its makeup. On the far left, there is a glass jar filled with dancing bugs. We’ll get to this aspect in a minute. In the centre is the playing card, which is actually three cards in one, but, again, we’ll talk more about that shortly. Finally, to the far right, you have a board filled with numbers from one to 90. Now that you know what you are looking at, let’s explain each area separately.

How to Play Beetle Bingo Scratch

  • The jar is filled with bugs, and that’s because these creepy critters are going to be your lucky numbers for the Beetle Bingo scratch rounds. Once you’ve chosen a card value, you’ll shake up that jar, and out will pour 15 colourful buggies. These will line up neatly at the base of the board.
  • The number chart is for keeping track of the numbered bugs. Since the critters are at the bottom of the screen, it’s not actually in case you forget a digit, but it’s more for easy reference. With a chart like this, you can see which numbers are active at a quick glance. The digits that appear on the back of the bugs will light up in pink, giving you a clear picture of which ones you want to go for.
  • The central area, the playing card, has three rows of numbers. As you reveal each row, you can see if any of the numbers match up with the ones that are lit up on the table (or written on the backs of the bugs). If you get a match of five, you win the prize amount that is revealed at the base of the card!

Now that wasn’t so hard, was it? Head straight for our Australian online casino, and play a few rounds of Beetle Bingo scratch today.