Play Blackjack Scratch Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Ready for another novel variety of our scratch games online? Great, because this next one is a real keeper! Blackjack scratch off cards gather the thrilling style of everyone’s favourite card challenge with the fast pace and instant turnover of this style of card play. So leave the traditional card table behind for just a minute, and come in to see if you are ready to trade in your poker face for another exciting gamble today!

Play Blackjack Scratch Games Online

Blackjack Scratch Highlights

Blackjack scratch cards are played out on a typical cards’ table. The green felt surface kind of gives this away, and so does the embossed logo at the centre of the screen. And just in case you missed all the other references somehow, these rounds are played with actual decks of cards, so there is no mistaking the implication! So how does this work anyway? Let’s explain.

How to Play Blackjack Scratch

  • First you select the price of the cards you want to buy into. There are no regulations about this, but there is a table limit, up to ten dollars a card. As you play around with the settings, and test drive a few hands, you’ll notice that the higher card values also generate higher prize values. It’s reciprocal, so you get what you pay for!
  • Next you’ll need to click Deal to be dealt into the hand. The system will divvy up the cards, giving each “player” a face up card and a face down card. The “dealer” will also get dealt a hand. Of course, you are the only one playing, but there are three hands dealt out to players, so you actually have three chances to win here. Those are some good odds of winning!
  • You can rub away at the top card to see what it is or have our online casino system do it for you. The value of the top and bottom cards will be added together, and the total will be displayed above that hand.
  • When all three hands are revealed, the dealer’s hand will be opened. If one of your hands reveal a better 21 value than the dealer’s, you win! Look at the dollar number at the bottom of each hand to learn how much that hand is worth.

Loving this concept? We thought you would! So get ready to spend some quality time at our favourite Australian online casino because you are going to be playing these Blackjack scratch cards a lot!