Play Classic Slots Scratch Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Who is in the mood for some good old time pokies action? If you said yes, then we’ve got something that will make you smile. You see, Classic Slots Scratch cards aren’t exactly what they appear to be. Yes, they’ve been designed to look and feel just like those one armed bandits from back in the late 1800’s, but that’s pretty much where the pokies similarity ends. In fact, this is one of our amusing scratch games online cleverly disguised to look like a fruit machine. Why? Because what a fun theme to play out it is! And our fans certainly agree, since this is one of the most popular choices for punters all over the world. Want to jump on the bandwagon and play an exciting new gambling challenge? Then give these pokies a whirl!

Play Classic Slots Scratch Games Online

Classic Slots Scratch Highlights

Classic Slots Scratch off cards have three cards lined up, as we mentioned, to appear as though it were three individual fruit machines. There are flashing lights and a ticker banner running across the top of the playing screen all the time to increase the authenticity of the atmosphere. The ticker is also there to let you know what the highest jackpot for that round is. If you bet on a one dollar Classic Slots Scratch card, for example, the major jackpot is $10k! That is a tremendous win, isn’t it? What you don’t realize is that the more valuable cards pay out even more! Keep playing to win the big bucks on these amazing online casino Australia reels.

Classic Slots Scratch Symbols

The symbols that you’ll be seeing all continue the old time theme. You’ll find lemons, cherries, grapes, golden bells, bars, sevens, watermelons and plums all lined up and waiting for you to come and pair them up get three of a kind, and you will receive the exciting cash prize from the bottom of that fruit machine. One feature that you won’t find on a traditional pokies machine that you can enjoy with the Classic Slots Scratch offs is the Auto Play mode. This gives you the option to run through up to 50 rounds in a hands-free manner. So just tell the machine how much you want the cards to cost, and then let ‘er rip!

If this is the kind of entertainment you’ve been longing for, then we’re so glad you found our fabulous Australian online casino! Get your own account, and stay for more fun and excitement.