Play Dolphin Cash Scratch Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Need some extra dough for a birthday gift, upcoming event or just a whim? Well, our Dolphin Cash Scratch off cards give you the opportunity to earn those greenbacks in a fast and friendly way. Never heard of it? Then you had better stop off at our wonderful Australian online casino now, and find out all about it!

Play Dolphin Cash Scratch Games Online

Dolphin Cash Scratch offs are a fun way to make some money and have a good time at one go. You can play this light-hearted version as frequently as you’d like, and you won’t feel the pressure on your purse strings. On the other hand, winning is easy, and the symbols you need to succeed come up pretty often, so get ready to do some victory dancing tonight! Here is how to play for the newbies in the crowd.

Dolphin Cash Scratch Symbols

You’ll need to choose a card value. That means how much you want to spend on each card. Then you press play to begin the fun. You have to wipe away the surface to see the pictures below. The symbols you’ll see frequently are seagulls, seashells, and various ocean plant life that will make you excited for a day at the beach. The main attraction, of course, is the friendly, fin-flanked friend, himself. If you find three of these in a row, you’ll get to keep the prize that is attached to that card. The more often you see him, the more you win! There is another way to get paid, though. Even if you haven’t managed any of the smiling fish figures on the active cards, you can still win if you find a golden coin with the logo imprinted on it. This coin automatically awards you with a randomly selected prize amount!

How To Play Dolphin Cash Scratch

The Dolphin Cash Scratch offs don’t play like your ordinary scratch games online do. The main distinction, of course, is that you can play up to five cards at one time. It is kind of like speed gambling, and, once you see how often you win, you’ll soon be calling it speed winning! The session begins with five slots covered over in blue. You get to choose from these slots which you want to activate for the round. You can select one, two, three, four or all five depending on your budget and playing style. Punters who enjoy a quicker pace will really love the chance to play five rounds in one shot, so stop by Mansion Casino Australia, and give it a whirl!