Play Easter Surprise Scratch Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

What could be better than a fuzzy bunny running around handing out treats and good cheer to all he passes? How about a character like that who is giving away cold hard cash? Sounds like an interesting proposal, doesn’t it? Well that’s just what you’ll find when you play the Easter Surprise Scratch off cards at our dynamite Australian casino online, today! Come over and get into the holiday season just a little early this year.

Play Easter Surprise Scratch Games Online

Easter Surprise Scratch Highlights

The Easter Surprise Scratch cards come complete with everything you need to make a festive weekend. The friendly rabbit is giving you the thumbs up from the background, as a beautiful basket filled with colourful eggs bounces along. Look out for a gift-bearing bunny, though, because this one is your jackpot for these online scratch games. If you get three of them going in a line up and down, right to left or even across on the diagonal, you’ll win the prize amount that is displayed above the playing board!

How To Play Easter Surprise Scratch

Start off by choosing the value of each card. This could be fifty cents, a dollar, two dollars, five dollars or the grand 10 dollar options. There is no rule about how much you need to spend, so just do what feels right. Bear in mind, though, that the higher priced cards also pay better when you win, so you might want to factor this point in when making your calculations. Now press Play, and the cards will populate with images. Rub away the surface to reveal the images, and to see if you’ve won! Want a simpler way to play? Opt for the other button that says Auto Play. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy all the fun and gains without tiring out your digits. Just click once to start the auto play functionality, and the rest is done by the computer. You’ll love how easy it is to win this way!

Like this and want to really make the cash you are racking up? Then get a real money account because there is nothing like winning big money for real! Signing up is free, and playing with a real account gives you loads of added advantages over the non-members, so give it a whirl today! Once you are signed up for Mansion Casino Australia, you’ll have unlimited access to Easter Surprise Scratch offs and so many other exciting versions. Hurry in and start the action now!