Play Football Mania Scratch Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Were you a jock in high school or were you the guy sitting on the sidelines envying those muscle-bound mates with their letter jackets and girls hanging off of each arm? Well, even if you weren’t the star kicker on the team (or even if you weren’t on the team at all!) you can still be a champion of the sport when you play our Football Mania Scratch off cards! Relive the college memories you adored or forge some new ones as you wipe away the surface to uncover your own good fortune at our online casino Australia today!

Play Football Mania Scratch Games Online

Football Mania Scratch Symbols

Football Mania Scratch offs are the soccer fan’s ideal variety of scratch games online. It’s really got everything you love about the sport including the rush of the match, the blaring sound of the crowds and all the symbols you would ordinarily find at the stadium. In addition to the blimp flying overhead displaying the grand jackpot that could be yours if you play these cards the right way, there are plenty of other icons you will no doubt enjoy viewing. You’ll see cleats, a fan-packed stadium, a red flag, a trio of teammates, some soccer gear, a ref’s whistle, a ref’s shirt, the logo, and a player standing with the shinning trophy before him! The neat thing is that you can use any of these icons to win. All you need to do is match up the prize icon with one of the six on the screen to win. What do you win? Well, it’s not the glory and hype that you’ll earn from a college soccer tournament, but the cold cash that you’ll be raking in is certainly worth the tradeoff!

How To Play Football Mania Scratch

Playing is a breeze, as well. It’s not filled with complicated maneuvers or with enough rules to fill up an entire book. Instead, the premise is basic and the execution is instantaneous. After you have chosen a card price, you will press play and this will fill up the six playing squares and the one prize circle with a green film. The idea is to wipe away this superficial layer to reveal the icons below. Press the All button, and this will happen automatically. Otherwise, just move your cursor over the area to clear it away. The amount of the prize will be shown along with the pictures. Want to be a real winner, at last? Well now you can when you play Football Mania Scratch offs at our thrilling Australian online casino, today!