Play Gladiator Scratch Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

There is a time to be magnanimous, and then there is a time to fight. Knowing which the current situation calls for is part of being a hero, and Russell Crowe has figured out the fine line between champion and bully in the film that inspired our exciting Gladiator scratch off cards. If you love the thrill of a good fight scene, the rush of an epic love story and the chance to right a cosmic wrong, then you are going to revel for this next edition to our phenomenal scratch games online selection! Come check it out now.

Play Gladiator Scratch Games Online

Gladiator Scratch Symbols

The Gladiator scratch cards are a great synopsis of the movie, just in case you haven’t had the time to see it just yet (though, what are you waiting for? The cast, storyline and fight scenes should be enough to make you drop what you are doing and head for the theatres right now!) The scene opens up to a Coliseum background, where the fight will take place. To the left, a line up of the characters you will be battling with, along with their point values. To the right, the actual battleground, or, in our case, playing field. In the centre of the two stands a brave, armoured soldier ready to fight nobly to the death. Various pictures will surface throughout your rounds, and some of these will be familiar images to you. They include the faces of Cicero, Gracchus, Commodus, Lucilla, and Juba from the movie. There are also icons of helmets and the Coliseum within the mix. These will all randomly shuffle through the cards, appearing in no order or frequency in general as you play out your rounds here at our top notch Australian online casino.

How to Play Gladiator Scratch

So what are you trying to do with this tensely charged air space anyway? You want to match up three of the same symbol, so that you can collect on the prize value that those symbols represent. Take the Coliseum, for instance. Getting three of these on the screen in a row or column will pay out an even prize, meaning you won’t make anything on this Mansion Casino round, but you also won’t lose anything, so that’s a good win for you! As you graduate upwards in the prize value, the Gladiator scratch card rounds get ever more exciting. You can win two, four, ten, 20, 100 or 5000 times the card’s value from various symbol combos, so keep playing till you hit the jackpot!