Play Irish Luck Scratch Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

At our elite gambling club, we host a lot of scratch games online. Some of them have dark histories and others have sinister themes. Some will keep you checking your doors at night, and then there are the ones that will make you weak in the knees just from playing! That’s not the flavour of our next selection by a long shot, though. The Irish Luck scratch off cards are sparkling fun that are bursting with prizes and good natured entertainment! So if you are in the mood of setting aside all of the blood and gore for a little while, then this is the option you have been waiting for. What are we waiting for? Let’s get gambling!

Play Irish Luck Scratch Games Online

How to Play Irish Luck Scratch

The Irish Luck scratch offs start you off with a bright, sun shining day; the perfect locale for spending your time off. With a picturesque scene like this one, you can almost hear the sprites playing their flutes and dancing gaily around with the tree fairies! Back to real life, though, there is nothing imaginary about the money you are about to win when you play your hand at our amazing Australian casino online. Playing goes as follows:

  • Select an amount to begin the fun. You can buy cards for as much as one hundred dollars, but you needn’t be as lavish as that. There is plenty of excitement and fun to be had on the twenty-cent cards as well! Choose the amount that fits with your budget plan, and you can keep having fun all the time.
  • Now decide how many rounds you’d like to go at once. If you want to start out with just a single round, then you can just press play now. This will activate the pots of gold that you see before you and start the round. Choose one of the three golden cauldrons to see if you can find your friendly leprechaun. If you do, you get the prize; the value of the card times the number hidden under the Prize pot.
  • If you would rather play multiple rounds at Mansion Casino consecutively, we make that option available to you as well. Simply click on the Auto Play button to select the number of rounds you wan the machine to generate for your session. You’ll watch as the leprechaun pops in and out of the various pots as each round whisks by.

Come Play Irish Luck Scratch Now!

Irish Luck scratch cards are fun and festive, so come try them out today!