Play Kong Scratch Games Online at Mansion Casino Australia

Have you been hooked by the giant gorilla craze that is sweeping Hollywood? If you haven’t seen the remake of an old classic yet, then you are missing out because it is an adventure like no other. A ship of hopefuls land on Skull Island to do a movie shoot, but they quickly realize that filming is the farthest thing from their itinerary. In fact, the Island is loaded up with wild and dangerous creatures of the dinosaur type, but none are as terrifying as the mammoth gorilla that is lurking in the shadows! Sound captivating doesn’t it? Well now you can have all that fabulous excitement whenever you want just by playing the Kong scratch cards at our Australian casino online! Come check it out.

Play Kong Scratch Games Online

Kong Scratch Highlights

As with all of our scratch games online, the thrilling Kong scratch off cards have a great combination of brilliant design, nice graphics and great payouts. The screen is made up to look like a lush jungle scene, and the hairy monkey is growling ferociously in center stage. To the side, you’ll find six squares, and these are the actual playing board you’ll be using. Below, see the control buttons you can use to adjust the settings for each round as you go. You can choose the value of the cards you are playing with from half a dollar up to ten. Naturally, the more valuable the card you buy, the higher the jackpot will be if you win it. You can also shuffle the card for a little more variety. The Auto Play feature is exciting, as it lets you sit back and watch while the cards are cleared and dealt continuously.

How to Play Kong Scratch

The symbols are taken straight from the movie cast, so get ready for some real entertainers. You’ll see the beautiful Ann Darrow, the erratic Carl Denham, the brilliant Jack Driscoll and even Captain Englehorn. Of course, there are plenty of dinosaurs, the Kong scratch logo, and the manic monkey himself! Playing is as easy and exciting as watching the movie. The object is to match one of the six playing squares with the image that appears under the prize circle. When this happens, you’ll be rewarded with the prize amount that is revealed along with the picture. Simple, right? And it really is that easy to win. So give this baby a whirl!

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